Asian Bank

Asian Bank

Product design process through a personal design sprint

This is a design sprint that I did for one of my interns' submissions. Basically, a one day routine of — research, exploration, wireframing, designing and documenting the whole process side by side. Prototyping is also usually included in the whole process, but I skipped that as a one-day period was not enough.

Need for a change

Almost every mobile banking application that I have used seemed to fail in terms of catering the most basic feature, and that is quick access to functions and feasibility. You might not be always sitting back in your room at ease and checking your bank balance or paying some bill. The major feature of this app is to cater the basic factor of convenience.

Functionality modules

More of like the information architecture I always jot down the functionality modules prior to touching any software and actually start designing the interfaces. Categorizing the main functionalities I structured the app into five major sections which would actually serve as categories for the lower navigation.

1. Home — Shortcut for every important task
2. Accounts — Management of all your accounts(Transaction, Deposit etc.)
3. Banking — Fund transfer, deposits, Analytics, Card blocking
4. Payments — Schedule payments through credit cards; Manage payees
5. More — Profile, passwords, locate ATM, Support etc

Initial Sketches

Just to decide the initial wireframes of the screens, I always sketch them on paper. Other software like Balsamiq etc. are also available options, but I found nothing better than sketching it. It is the best medium to visually get your thoughts formulated and verified.