Redesign and a descriptive guide to enhancing the checkout experience of the e-commerce website

Summer 2015, I interned at It is based out of Bombay and is an e-commerce platform specializing in casual wears. I worked as an intern initially and later transcended to take charge of the whole website re-design. Although it was mainly the checkout process that triggered my thought process the most. I guess every product designer would face this common scenario and the knowledge is worth sharing. This article focuses on the area of online shopping or e-commerce field, that is constantly proliferating especially as far as Indian startups and e-markets are concerned.

Disclaimer: The current live website has been redesigned recently and this article is just a showcase of my work that was in production for more than a year. Although the checkout experience still remains 'somewhat' intact and still employs the solution that I devised during my internship.

I shall cover the redesign process of the whole website first, excluding the checkout process. That will be covered exclusively in detail in a different section.