Krsna by ISKCON

Krsna by ISKCON

Redesign of the flagship app of ISKCON

ISKCON — International Society for Krishna consciousness. There are very few who know about the product team of ISKCON operating from Juhu, Mumbai. People often ask me how I got involved in the whole process? Basically, after my 2015 summer intern @, I was referred by the co-founder to one of his friends who was a volunteer at ISKCON, Juhu. They approached me when they had the idea in mind. Thus the relation

Target audience

The previous app available on the Play Store was a clear example that banished stereotypical arguments and proved that devotion apps don’t just serve only a specific cult  i.e. senior citizens, temple devotees etc. The fact worth mentioning is that among the earlier 10,000(approx.) users of the previous version, a huge chunk of them were teenagers. Thus the analytics gave us a push to cater to the multi-faceted user-base and ship for everyone. This extended to people who took out time from their daily schedule to use the app on an intermittent basis across the day, or who included it as a part of their routine.

What does the app do?

Krsna is a one-stop hub for all information and content related to Lord Krishna. The previous app was divided into four major sections — feeds, images, music, philosophy (books, quotes, teachings, Gita etc.). But in the new version, we decided to handle much more quality content and in a much more organized way. Keeping all the previous sections we segregated the new app into 5 major parts in terms of content:

1. Feeds — Curated section for new content and updates. It includes special articles on religious events and morning photographs every day.
2. Gita — The most important parts of the previous app including reading tracking.
3. Krishna — Dedicated section related to Krishna — stories, facts, philosophy, quotes, names etc.
4. Library — The collection/hub for media, books etc. further subdivided into — music, videos, gallery, and books.
5. More — Account settings, calendar and the donation section.

Information architecture

The cells marked in purple is the major interactions involved in the app.