Olacabs PWA

Olacabs PWA

Booking a cab without a native app. Solving commute for millions of Indians.

This is the work during my internship at Olacabs (read about the experience here. I worked on the proof of concept (POC) of the PWA (Progressive Web App). The team at Olacabs then worked and shipped the project in the next year in association with Google Developers and it turned out to be a huge success. This web app was announced at the Google I/O 2017 in San Francisco.

Role: Research, Proof of Concept development, UX improvement of the existing model
Links: Final product, Coverage by Google

Problem Statement

As of now, Olacabs operates in 60+ cities in India and it envisions providing mobility to a billion Indians.
Out of the million rides that Ola completes every day, the majority of those rides are from Tier 1 cities. However, people in Tier 1 & Tier 2 cities face spasmodic cellular connectivity and possess low-end smartphones with low memory and slow processors. Native apps that usually tend to take up a lot of space are a nightmare for them.

Target audience

The first step to serving each and every user really well is to understand and accept that there are all kinds of users. Some of them use Ola for their rides daily while some of them don’t. Some of them knew Ola really well while some of them just discovered what Ola is. Serving new, infrequent users; clubbed with the urgency of booking a cab, helped us pursue the problem with a different frame of mind. The PWA was targeted mainly towards the Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities which face proliferating demand for services like Ola.